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About us

P1 Energy is a private oil and gas company founded in 2018 with a simple goal: Leverage technology to capture stranded resources. P1 does what is right and not what is popular. We have a tested approach and we do it well — a proven and prudent player which has delivered solid returns time and time again.

What we do

P1 Energy provides a range of services related to oil and gas exploration and production. Some of the key services offered by the company include:

Resource Evaluation

P1 Energy conducts comprehensive assessments of oil and gas resources to identify their potential and economic viability. This involves analyzing geological data, reservoir characteristics, and production estimates.

Exploration and Development

The company actively explores and develops oil and gas assets, utilizing advanced technologies and innovative approaches to maximize the recovery of resources. This includes drilling, well construction, and reservoir management.

Production Optimization

P1 Energy focuses on optimizing production from existing oil and gas fields. They employ advanced reservoir engineering techniques and production enhancement strategies to increase efficiency and maximize output.

Asset Acquisition and Management

P1 Energy evaluates and acquires oil and gas assets that align with their strategic objectives. They manage these assets by implementing effective operational strategies, conducting regular assessments, and making informed investment decisions.

Technology Innovation

P1 Energy places a strong emphasis on leveraging technology advancements to drive efficiency and unlock the potential of stranded resources. They actively explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation, to improve operational performance and decision-making.

We create power for digitals

We are an oil and gas company focused on utilizing cutting-edge technologies to drive the digital revolution. Our primary objective is to generate energy specifically tailored to power digital technologies, including mining Bitcoin, Etherum, and various alternative cryptocurrencies.
P1 Energy offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at capturing and maximizing the value of oil and gas resources through a combination of strategic acquisitions, technological innovation, and prudent management practices.


P1 Energy may have operations in countries such as the United States and Canada, which are known for their extensive oil and gas reserves.

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